Quick Start

When you call us, we will ask you the following questions:

  1. Which piece of equipment, software, or service is having the issue?
    Email, Printer, Windows 7, QuickBooks, etc.
  2. What task are you trying to complete?
    Print a report, update the application, log into the computer, email a file.
  3. What do you expect to happen, and what is happening instead?
    Instead of printing a report like normal all I get are crazy looking printer hieroglyphics page after page until the printer is out of paper.  Instead of emailing the file Outlook crashes.  Instead of booting to windows, my computer beeps a bunch of times and then turns off.

(855) 4-TECH-TODAY

M – F / 8AM – 6PM (CST)

Having a knowledgeable technician answer your phone call is our priority; however, if you get directed to voicemail Рplease leave your contact information first along with the answers to the above 3 questions.  We will call you back within 15 minutes or less, promise.

We are available for after-hours emergencies, billing is based on many variables for emergencies – expect to pay up to double our rate for the task.

dennisharrisonQuick Start