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Unlike other IT companies LA Tech Pro offers exceptional problem solving skills borne of over 20 years experience in software design, development, and hardware modification.  Having been a “self-employed business” for 16 years and having the opportunity to create solutions for unique corporate and company problems, we at LA Tech Pro have most likely solved the problems that you will encounter in your small to medium-sized business.  When you use LA Tech Pro to take care of your IT needs, we are able to provide a quick and efficient service without “trial and error,” which wastes your time and resources.  Our goal is to respond immediately to your requests, solve your IT issue as quickly and economically as possible, and get your company back to the job of doing business and making money.


LA Tech Pro is able to offer “flat fee” rates.  The reason we are able to offer you such reasonable and sometimes below-market rates is because our technicians are not “troubleshooting your problem,” fishing for the right solution.  For all of the services we offer, we know exactly what to do, how to do it, and how long it will take.  That is why we are able to offer such affordable rates to our customers.  When you hire LA Tech Pro for your computer, network, product design, and programming requirements, you will get an IT professional who will be able to give you the information you need to take the next steps in solving your problem.  With LA Tech Pro, you get the most value for your dollar, nothing less.


20 years experience, 16 years in custom programming, 20 years modifying and rebuilding motherboards, hard drives, routers, and systems from the ground up – that summarizes the type of technician who will be visiting your place of business and taking care of all of your IT needs.  Some companies offer employees with certifications, education, or field experience limited to one specific area of expertise.  LA Tech Pro brings to the table years of having to “invent” solutions to problems which had never existed before.  Because of this, our technicians have knowledge of both the front end and back end of a system and are able to “work the problem” from all angles.  Coming up with a custom solution to your problem is always an option.  With LA Tech Pro, you can count on master level experience and expertise and dependable, responsive customer service at an affordable price.  What more could you ask for to keep the technical part of your business running smoothly?

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